Welcome to The Kindness Project, we are located at Eagle Vale Farm, in the beautiful rolling hills of Bullsbrook. Approximately 1 hour north east of Perth, Western Australia. Take a breath, as you drive through our gates, take time to enjoy the sweeping views of the Avon Valley and the spectacular hills of Walyunga National Park.

It is within this sanctuary your journey will begin, spending time in a beautiful natural environment will enrich your time with our herd.

Eagle Vale Farm is home to a herd of eight, kind and wise horses awaiting to become your generous teachers. The Kindness Project encourages adults and children to visit and experience Equine Facilitated Learning at its best.

The personal discovery our herd can offer may benefit survivors of Trauma/PTSD, people who experience anxiety, depression, pain, illness or for those who wish to find a deeper connection and self-awareness.

Please contact The Kindness Project today, if you are interested in how your connection and communication with our herd can assist your journey.

What is Trauma Informed Equine Facilitated Learning?

At the Kindness Project we help people develop self awareness by encouraging clients to explore how their body is reacting, feeling and what they are experiencing. By exploring this connection to self, clients can create a more aware, present and mindful state of being. When we live with full body awareness and understanding we are able to function in a healthier and more connected way, we make better decisions, build better boundaries and create more desirable relationships and connections with others.

Sometimes when we experience trauma our instinctive survival brain kicks in and takes over to protect us. During this process our bodies can enter the fight flight or freeze state and sometimes we are unable to finish the instinctive discharge process and the trauma becomes trapped in our body. As an example, when people are in an accident, there is a period where their body may shake uncontrollably. This is the way the body releases the trauma, by shaking, they release the energetic charge which helps the body recover from the experience.

Traumatic experiences can lead to a disregulated Autonomic Nervous System(ANS) where people can experience symptoms such as anxiety, depression, pain, illness and Post Traumatic Stress Injury. They can also leave a person feeling disconnected from their own body which can stop people’s minds and bodies functioning properly.

Connecting with a herd of horses helps regulate the human body, as the horses will encourage a person’s ANS to regain its functional balance. They are able to help regulate our breath rate, heart rate and even help regulate blood pressure. They are extremely sensitive to our energy fields and are exceptional at reading body language. Horses encourage people to interact in an authentic manor and are able to mirror our most important behaviours back to us.

Riding the horse is not a part of this process. It is simply a process where you will be in the paddock amongst a herd of horses who will choose to interact with you when they have something to offer you. Our current herd consists of eight horses and ponies who interact with you in a large open paddock. This gives them the freedom of choice of how and when they want to interact. The process doesn’t require you to ‘tell your whole story’ or ‘bare your soul’. We talk about your interactions with the horses and the body responses that come as part of it, but we let you process your own experiences without interfering. If you want to stand up, walk around, or just sit still, you can, it is your experience so you can choose how you interact. Having the freedom to walk around can be important if your body needs to release trapped trauma.

Your experience may well continue past each session in the paddock and you may later have things come up, either in your mind or in your body. That is perfectly normal and you will be able to continue your process as that happens. Usually people will need to come for four to six sessions.


Peaceful Paddock Morning Tea

The Kindness Project regularly hosts morning teas, with a focus on peaceful grounding and mindfulness with the herd.

A great way to spend time with horses while finding a quiet place to participate in your own self care.  Our morning teas are available for anyone wishing to connect with our herd and spend some time in nature reconecting with self.

Saturday 28th April 2018
$30.00 per person
Bookings Essentrial

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